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  1. Wow... Forum has changed :o My last visit was: Sat May 05, 2007 :wink: Anyway here is my picture, some kind of hacker thing :twisted: :wink:
  2. It is hundreds of signatures like that on the World Wide Web.
  3. Norway I think I'm the only one from my country on this forum Edit: :shock: 2 other guys from Norway in the member list
  4. @ Jake2k Awesome! 10/10 @ Rainshadow Its good, maybe its to much border I dont know... 6/10
  5. I like it Its a great abstract picture :wink: Edit: New sig:
  6. @Buzzkill: Amazing!!! :shock: @Used Honda: It's good. I like it :wink:
  7. Nice, but it was many... :shock: Good work EDIT: I love Halo :wink:
  8. Maybe we should have a more specific time... Like 4.00 pm GMT Then everyone can calculate the time out of that... :wink:
  9. ...when reading a photoshop tutorial, you start thinking:"how can I make that in paint.net?"
  10. Oops, I have forgotten the competition :oops: anyway, congrats Crazy Man Dan
  11. @Korteck: Rofl your avatar is funny @Jake2k your sigs are awesome!
  12. :shock: I never seen that plugin before, thx Rick :wink:
  13. I liked the first one best, but I didnt like your colours... They crash to much together... But the picture is cool 8)
  14. Heres mine: http://www.freewebs.com/alxg/desktop.png Full resolution :wink:
  15. I liked it good too, thhe point is that the pencil and the background was a picture on the internet so I the only thing I did was just add some text and stretch the picture... And CMD: Your logo was really nice. Does anyone now how I can convert normal pictures to .ico ?
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