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  1. I have also just run into the same problem. I don't recall changing any settings in PDN, but everytime it tried to start up, it'd say there was an error. I go the choices to Debug or close, and I've kept hitting both, but both don't really fix it. I uninstalled PDN, and when I tried to install it, I got to the part of installing it in which directory, hit "Next" it prompts me with the "Front end" problem. It's annoying me because now I'll have to use Photoshop and I don't like it D: Edit: I restarted my computer a few times. It warks again! >.<
  2. Shouldn't you be able to work Windows Firewall and WF w/Advanced Security the same way? Start->Control Panel->Windows Firewall->Exceptions Tab->Add Program->Paint.NET?
  3. xD Thanks Everyone. Buzzkill, your method worked nicely :3 I could even turn the color with the conditional hue/saturation into this nice rainbow gradient Ben, your way was easier, but Buzzkill is right, his way yields nicer results xP And pyrochild o.o That outline object plugin is amazing <3 Still, thank you everyone ^^ Now my sister can make her Disney celebrity myspace layouts
  4. A font stroke is kinda like a border around the font itself, for example, or . Does anyone know a way to do that effect with Paint.NET?
  5. Only used paint.NET to touch it up, but it still looks purty cool :o Straw stars FTW~
  6. Wow, :oops: thanks so much for all the input and enthusiasm in the swirls ^_^ I learned so many new things and ideas from what you guys and gals have done.
  7. Oooh, thanks so much ^_^ It's very helpful!
  8. Okay, I know, asking for one tutorial a day in two days may seem kind of greedy...but I just was curious on how to make swirls. I know there's a tentacle tutorial, but it doesn't achieve the same effect really... Something like that?
  9. Can someone show me how to do something like this? Only unanimated?
  10. As the title says, it has no effect. Used to be, I can change some light colour with the Conditional Hue Saturation thing, but no matter how you move the lines, it makes no difference to the picture at all.
  11. Yes, something like that... More like this actually.
  12. Is there a way to add like...light streaks to a thunder bolt? For something like this picture? Yeah...just wondering if there is some way, and if there is, can you show me?
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