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  1. Thanks @Seerose, glad to be a family member I see you used 🧁 in there, if u know what "cupcake-hearted" means, you'll know my country of origin. Decided to join because of @MJW "Height Map" plugin. Being a 360 enthusiast, I was so glad to have that plugin along with @null54 "Content Aware Fill". So now I can vanish the tripod and myself on my virtual tours Plenty of room for improvements for both, I hope to post about it soon. To more awesome - Cheers!
  2. Thanks so much, works well in removing the tripod from my 360 photos - awesome!
  3. Hi lamazze, Plugin now allows editing, so it should have been upgraded into "Equirectangular Editor". It is possible to edit "view position" and save lossless as PNG or PDN. For now "rotation" is a bit confusing but it is still in X, Y and Z axes. Regards, Simply360
  4. Thanks so much @MJW, "Content Aware Fill" worked well - nice! It is like "Heal", they even have similar band-aids icon Cheers!
  5. Thanks so much for this plugin, MJW, so glad to find out it is actually more than just a viewer I still have to use Snapseed to "Heal" though, i.e. remove the tripod, etc... Is there similar "Heal" function with Paint.net? I hope so. Thanks again and looking forward unto improving this "360 Rotator" - Cheers!
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