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  1. @Ego Eram Reputo I got a Pixel 3 which can create 4k pics. In my opinion, it's too clear (if you know what I mean). No real charm.
  2. Thanks! It's similar but not the stuff I want. I don't wanna this white blur (?). I wanna the complete look.
  3. @Ego Eram Reputo Well. I wanna create a VSCO-like filter and I wanna retouch my skin. Just two things I wanna do. I'd also like to create that dust-like pics we see on insta.
  4. @Pixey I know how to search. But sometimes there are so many answers that it's easier to ask.
  5. xD. No! Seriously, have you ever used the VSCO app?
  6. My current settings: +2,0 Exposure -2,0 Contrast +2,0 Shadow +5,0 Highlights +1,1 Temperatur +3.5 tint +3,7 fade
  7. @toe_head2001 I don't use those filters because you have to pay for it often. I just use the settings. I can write the "recipe" here after my workout. So, if you want it, of course.
  8. @Ego Eram Reputo Well. How should I describe my filter I use currently? Mmh ... It's faint style. A bit greyish. But you recognize the colors well. It's difficult to describe it.
  9. @Ego Eram Reputo I wanna recreate a VSCO filter.
  10. So, guys. I’ve created an Instagram-account last year. There I post pics about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. However, I would like to edit the pics I take with my phone on Paint.net. But what are the best plug-ins for Insta?
  11. @Pixey Thank you very much! I didn't find it here, Thank you.
  12. I tried to make an ice texture.
  13. It's not only for critique. It's for showing as well.
  14. Hi, This is my gallery. I will post random stuff I created and you can critique it. Woodwalker
  15. Oh my gosh! How have you made these covers. They're sooo adorable.
  16. @welshblue Yeah! But the light seems a little bit unrealistic, in my opinion.
  17. @HyReZ That’s what I’m looking for. But how do I make it lookiing realistic? You know. Putting a leather texture above it and doing a nice smoothy shadow.
  18. How about this one?: I tried a color palette in coral. But it didn't work well. Maybe it inspire you.
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