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  1. No, I'm talking about something if you can change one part of the looped texture, all other looped textures changed and did not have to do different manipulations superfluous.
  2. You misunderstood. This program makes a loop from a certain texture, and it does not give the opportunity in real time to draw on a looped texture. What would you draw on one part of the image, and all the other looped textures would also change. Thus, you can make a normal looped texture and not a mirror looped texture. It should also be somewhat a drawing mode: (I use a texture from World of Warcraft for example.) Infinity(Infinitely in all directions) Square Mode(and other 2x2/4x4/8x8) Line(1x4/1x8) and (2x4/2x8): But in the end edit my texture is not 2024x2024(or other size) but only 256x256. After all, I just looped it but did not change the size. Sorry im use Google Translate.
  3. Need help finding a plugin. Which copies transparency(Alpha) from one picture and superimposes it on another. "Channel SWAP" Do not offer, he does transparency(Alpha) too much. The picture was originally. After editing When you try to copy transparency(Alpha), it becomes too transparent.