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  1. I am afraid I already know the answer, but here goes. I am trying to take a picture I have in one file and move it onto a picture in another file. Both files are open, but I cannot find a way to move the one onto the other. I can do this in Photoshop. Is this something that Paint.net is not able to do> Hope the question makes sense. These are the 2 pictures. I want to move the horse on the right onto the book on the left then resize it so it looks like the horse is on a page of the book.
  2. BoltBait...you really know how to make an old woman feel really really stupid.....lmao.
  3. One more question Null54...there are 2 different versions...not sure which one to select or does it not matter? One is Color Range_en.zip and the other one is Color Range_ru.zip. Don't want to pick the wrong one.
  4. Interesting tut...but what do you do if your effects does NOT have a color >color range listing???
  5. I am thrilled beyond belief here. Just tried this tut on a picture I had and it worked beautifully. Wish I could add a picture of it before and after so you could see, but don't know how to do it here. Huge THANK YOU to the author of this. Think I found out how to add photos. First the original: Now the change:
  6. I know it was on this site. The tutorial (at least I think it was a tutorial) had a picture of a car in it and the picture was color in the right side half and then sepia toned on the left side half. It was so cool and I wanted to try doing it, but now cannot find the topic or the picture with the directions. Would appreciate any help as I'm still learning my way around here. Thanks in advance if anyone knows where it is.
  7. Being a total newbie to Paint.net I am delighted to find this topic. Since I own a Kindle I will be for sure visiting Amazon and looking to purchase this book. Thank you for t he effort it took to do this. HA just went and bought it...can't wait to start reading it.
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