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  1. But can't easily Undo changes applied. Tried and was suggested various good ways. However, at the next step - converting the scan to B&W for smaller file size, part of the text outline color pixels disappear thus making text outline defective and harder to read. I'm looking for a method that would convert all various color pixels in the text outline into a narrow spectrum color around Black, so it would be easy to convert the scan into B/W without notable text quality losses.
  2. I'm also trying to improve visual text quality in a little different task. Its a scanned document which I attempt to clean with G'MIC plugin. I like Paint.net a lot, but wanted to ask you as its developer: why I can't do anything in Paint.net, while the plugin is open? Its Preview feature quality is not accurate, so I need to see changes in actual document and reverse if needed multiple times. But I can't do it without Exiting the plugin first, and it takes a lot of time to launch and exit it at each iteration. Is it possible to adjust Paint.net plugin API in a way that would allow to work in
  3. Yes. I Saved To the original Jpeg file after editing into TIFF. There seems to be no any Save To options, such as changing color depth etc. So how I can preserve the original image color depth when saving to TIFF? Also, is it possible to find the original image color depth via Paint.net GUI? I can easily get any image info in Irfan View, but can't find that menu option in Paint.net. Also, I can't find Reset Image or Undo Changes button in G'MIC window after Apply is pressed to see how changes look on the entire image, and corresponding Paint.net controls aren't accessible until G'M
  4. Not sure what you mean. Suppose I OCR the text. It would be just another layer to easily search it after fixing errors. But it requires a lot of work if thinking about say 200 pages. And the book is easy to read anyway because of structural formatting. OCR might be a possible extra step, but not my main goal for a quick project like this.
  5. Thanks for pointing to this plugin. I just tried it, and its quite a challenge to find suitable combination of 4 params. I got some results, not necessarily ideal. But when saved to a file, it shows 8-bit color, when the original scan was 24-bit. Is it part of the conversion by this filter? if not, how I can change it to original 24-bit when saving to TIFF? Because I need to straighten the text lines cleanly next. Do you know any package or filter to straighten the text lines? How can I do it then as a package processing for several pages, once the right settings are found?
  6. Hey guys, can you help? I need to cleanup this book page photo and convert it to B/W with background removed and clean crisp text, before converting to a pdf or djvu format. I do know photo quality is not very good. I'm new to G'MIC, and its hard to figure out, what filter sequence can do it, and with what values for each filter. I tried a few, but the resulting pic either missing font pieces, or very weak hardly readable. Can you suggest the filter sequence and values? Or may be refer to a forum specialized in text documents restoration pls. I don't want to split the page into 2,
  7. Hi Pixey, I downloaded the file from 1st post in this thread. Its Readme doesn't seem to mention what you said, but it worked anyway. Thank you! It appears to be a feature rich plugin. Would be nice adding the above features I mentioned. I wonder now, what Hit & Miss Award is about, and what made you a winner? Just kidding...
  8. I tried, and your plugin doesn't appear in Menu-Effects-Tools list after adding its files to Effects folder. So it may be incompatible with current Paint.net 4.0.9 64-bit. In addition, the trick is to play all animated GIFs in a selected folder simultaneously, not one after another. That way its fast and easy to find files with content you look for. Playing several GIFs at once is not hard. Unzip and copy the attached file to a folder with animated GIFs and launch it. The exe wraps an HTA code that will play all your GIFs at once. The problem is, browsers don't allow file operations, thoug
  9. Thank you guys for creating interesting Paint.net GIF plugins. I'm looking for sometime to resolve a couple of issues related to animated GIFs, and couldn't find any solution. May be you can help? 1. Pick a file icon for an animated GIF. It looks like currently Windows Explorer assigns a random frame icon to each animated GIF file, and often this is one of "background" frames with no distinctive image that makes the file easy to recognize from others. I want to be able to choose icons for animated GIFs. It should not be random icon, but manually selectable via plugin GUI from the pic fram
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