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  1. Hi there. First, let me apologize for asking such a usual question but although I have searched a long time, I didn't find any satisfactory response. I'm looking for the fast and good way to correct skin blemishes on a face-photo. A tool quite useful, in ACDSee, is the "photo repair" one, with the "heal" option. It gives a mix of "blur" and "clone" tools. Which plugin or tool must I use in PDN ? Is there a "blur brush" ? Which method do you prefer ? I'm bored with switching between PDN & ACDSee. Thanks, a lot for the whole forum, plugins, and PDN developments..
  2. Not available anymore ? (404 response)
  3. Dead link I'm looking for a conditionnal-magic-wand and a magnetic-magic-wand. Any idea of plugin please ?
  4. Hi Thx for the reply. The aim was to give a 3D effect from a SINGLE image. I tried with my own method: - separate subject and background - for a few layers (here, 7), pan background in a way while rotate subject in the other way (and while zoom subject to hide the cut in the background) Maybe it's not clear, even in French it wouldn't Result:
  5. Hi. First of all, sorry for my poor english (I'm French) I was wondering, how the hell did they do this: Any idea ? I searched a lot in the forum... but so much topics in it ! Thanks, and above all, congrats for all the energy you give us inthere ! -Paz-