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  1. No, no, I mean that I cannot add to an effect sequence such effects as "resizing" or "canvas size", not that they became totally unavailable. Sorry for my imperfect English
  2. First of all, I am very thankful for this awesome tool It saved my precious time hundreds of times. For me the only disadvantage is a lack of "resize" and "change canvas size" tools from the "image" pull down menu. If there is any possibility of making them available, please let me know Keep up a good work!
  3. Many thanks for quicker finishing! Things will be much easier now.
  4. I'm also joining to the request. I am often working with several dozen of images, where I only have to apply one small change and then check if everything works fine. Applying Ctrl+F for script lab and then Ctrl +Tab several times lasts seconds, but then I just want to save everything and I have to click Enter hundred of times, awaiting one second before new Saving Configuration window will appear. Simple procedure that would last minute, takes 10 minutes... I hope that you understand and will consider changing this