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  1. Ok. Apologies. It's all too easy to assume it's easier than it is not knowing how it's done. 😳
  2. Because the idea of portability isn't just about being portable. It's also about NOT having to install software on your system that increases aspects that slow it down. Also, it's a very cumbersome and time consuming way of doing things. With several apps I have updating this way is a hassle. Not to mention the many other apps that require manual updates. I only have 4 things installed, in the traditional sense, on my PC. 3 drivers (Korg Electribe, MiniNova, ASIO4ALL) and a GOG game. Incidentally these are mostly portable too, but once it's beaten I uninstall it cleanly.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I know, I recently found that out. But my request wasn't to make PDN portable, but to allow the auto updater to download and install the zip version. But my version checks for, downloads and installs the NON-portable version. Why? Because the zip download version of PDN is outdated and I wanted to try the latest beta. Which isn't available as a zipped portable version. The last check I made, the zip download was for v4.1.4 not the latest stable v4.1.6, hence my request. 🙂
  4. is there any chance the portable.zip version can be added to the auto update please? Thank you
  5. Roll on auto updates and stealth mode 😁
  6. Oh WOW! Thank you and a BIG thanks to the dev's for achieving this much sought after feature
  7. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to put requests. I was just wondering if the developers would consider releasing a portable version of PDN? ThumbApps have released a portable version here. I would prefer PDN to save all data and settings in it's own directory under subfolders, but I understand there is probably reasons why that can't or won't happen. So, would it be possible for the dev's to release a PortableApps.com version in the same format as ThumbApps please? Thanks
  8. Ok, would it be too much for you to change this so that PDN saves to INI files or something in the apps directory? Is there a reason or advantage of using the registry instead of files in app dir?
  9. Thanks for the tip. What about settings though? Aren't they stored in the registry?
  10. Have you checked WinPenPacks version - X-Paint.net? It needs updating to v4 but may help you create your own version. I tried myself, but I'm no expert and was unsure how to get the registry settings saved and restored on app start and close.
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