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  1. It is not realy portable mod... but thanks for your introduction :-) Can i run basicly portable without installed dotNET? How i can made dotNET portable to run portable on every systems without installed dotNET? Can you help me? Someone loves Paint.Net but i miss a real uptodate Portable version of it. I found a old version + Plugins (not updateable)
  2. Hello, i am searching for a portable version of the up to date Where can I get a current secure portable version? how can I create a portable version (updateable)? there will be in future a portable version , and if so when can we expect (without / with dotNET-portable intigration*)? *=Win10 Support greez from german
  3. i have installed the pugin but how to run?
  4. if you have a littel community introduction tell it my first questen is how i find icon-format plugin? (image.ico)