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  1. How to remove blue sky from behind hair?

    IRON67 has found the right plugins to do this job the best. Follow this link!
  2. Chart White Balance and exposure adjustment

    Awesome list Iron67!
  3. How to remove blue sky from behind hair?

    So, version 1.2.1 at the above mentioned thread has the right feature. If you don't like the way the plugin treats the main image, then you can always put the unadjusted version in another layer and then erase the parts you don't want of whichever one is on top with the eraser set on a 9 hardness so it fades in the difference.
  4. Chart White Balance and exposure adjustment

    This could help in cases where someone wants to cut something out of a plain background... Sort of like a green screen filter. Heck, maybe there is a plugin for that? Only with partial transparency so it is like the white balance where it's not all or nothing like a floodfill, it can add an influence and not just dominate.
  5. How to remove blue sky from behind hair?

    That plugin lives here, maybe a more likely to be safe version can be found there. But I honestly doubt I have a virus. Here is a surely safe version: <Balls! That version does not have the "absoluteblackandwhite" option. So ignore that one!
  6. How to remove blue sky from behind hair?

    WTF??? The link, which is a normal link, when I paste it it shows up as "I have a virus on my system"?? If that a warning about that host? Does that plugin source infect plugins with viruses and this is the messageboards way of warning? Or a bad joke? But only the text to the link is corrupted, the link still works, but should you use it? Well I hope the plugin is safe, it works and does a good job. Incidentally, if the source for that plugin can be found, it should not be hard to make an option to make the white or black balance to be an alpha channel transparenct ballance as an option. This would be more useful than just white-balance.
  7. How to remove blue sky from behind hair?

    So I thought that there MUST be a better way, and I found it... <snip> I will also attach it just to create another backup of the plugin, but it's brilliant. So what you do is you set the primary pallet colour to what you want to become white, which in this case was the blue aura aroud the lion, you want to get a decently dark shade. Then just open the plugin, for this the default setting of "absoluteblackandwhite" did best. This gave a perfect and effortless result! The next question I percieve is how to best set white as the transparent (alpha channel) colour with partial transparency... I know there will be a plugin for that surely, but I don't know which.
  8. How to remove blue sky from behind hair?

    Here is my result, and how I went about it. I used the wand tool and tuned it to select the remaining blue. I used the hue/saturation tool, and reduced it to zero saturation. Then I used curves tool to change the cgrey to white, took a little playing around. Then i used the pen tool on while and zero hardness, this fixed a few areas. This worked well as there was not much saturation in the selected hair, so it's not really missed. But the result was the best way of a few attempts. Obviously it takes a bit if tuning and playing around to find the right setting for each tool.
  9. Making Pano Planets

    You are right, I had confused them!
  10. Is there a plugin to bend something into a circle?

    I posted the second comment before I read Ego's method. It is true that for a moment I thought here was polar inversion and polar conversion were the same effect. Thanks, now i need to change my post to the other thread. Thanks again.
  11. Is there a plugin to bend something into a circle?

    Ok I found the correct plugin that Ego mentioned, it worked! Thanks!
  12. Is there a plugin to bend something into a circle?

    I have found that this functionality used to exist in the polar inversion plugin, but it was removed! Can this be rectified? Why was this plugin hobbled?
  13. Making Pano Planets

    This no longer seems possible, the plugin has been ruined so it no longer provides such an effect.
  14. I can find records of a plugin called "Rec to polar conversion" or something, but I can't find it. The current polar inversions plugin does not seem suited to bending the likes of a panoramic photo into a circle. To be crystal clear, what I want to do is to have something like say a bunch text bent into a circle. The current polar inversion plugin does not seem suited to do this no matter what I try, it does not keep the text size constant. Update: I tried the rec to polar plugin, but it was no good. Also, i found a plugin that works on text, but that won't actually suit my purposes (without making a custom font)