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  1. Ha, I found the plug-in here. I was googling it and came on a website 'the scriptlab.com' and couldn't figure out what the hell it had to do with the topic! It helps me quite a bit, Effects and Adjustments are the bulk of the operations I'm using. Luckily, for the moment I need it for images that are already compressed into a single layer. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, Is there a way (or script or plug-in) to save a sequence of commands, so I can apply the sequence on a number of images? I read something about ScriptLab, but I can't figure out how that would help me. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have seen some topics about this, but they didn't give me a clear answer: I have some images of lions, cheetahs etc. and I would like to give them a cartoon-ish lay-out, e.g. as if they were drawn from memory rather then modifying an existing picture. What would be the best way to go about it, or are there already plug-ins? Thanks for reading!
  4. Thanks! I've installed your plug-ins and I'm gonna experiment with them!
  5. Hi Ego (Eram Reputo ;)) Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was aware of the magic wand, it has helped me a lot with other pictures. The downside of it is, like in your instance, when you select an area it tends to make a former smooth line more rough. Here I mean the back of the left lion: I did it already with a soft brush, but the magic wand doesn't have a feather parameter, so the edge can be quite rough (at magnification though). But I will give it another try, maybe with lower tolerance in more separate areas. Th hair on the right was pretty good!.
  6. I'm editing a picture of two lions lying, with their manes in the wind. I have converted it to an .PNG file, to be able to have an alpha channel. Now I'm trying to remove the blue sky while retaining as much as possible of their manes. As you can see, I did a portion on the right side, just by using a small brush. But there is still a blue-ish glow to it. Now I was wondering if there's a better approach to this? Any help very much appreciated!
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