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  1. .5px mistake will take place not only for 1px wide shapes but for 3, 5 and any odd width. And there is no mistake on even widths. .5 px drawing/scaling step may be only possible salvation. I have meet such solution in opengl based software. But I think it should be not manual shift but burned into program code. Other way we may get even more ugliness. This is common problem for pixel-based vector editor like SCADA-systems and so on - how to treat coordinate and width itself What is the X and Y - coordinates? Is it border between pixels or is it center of pixel. Paint.net answer - it is border, but i have meet center-based software. As result paint net smoothed 1,3,5,... pixel width lines, other software smoothed 2,4,6,... pixel lines... Btw. Meet some other width-treating example in paint.net... For example, 14x14 rectangle will have same external size no matter what width is their lines. Any other figures increase their external size with line width increasing. So we have different treat for width for rectangle and any other figures in paint.net.
  2. More impressive difference can be viewed on small radius circles. For example, picture belove shows this effect on 5px radius circle.
  3. Thanks both of you. But Red's ochre plugin result is far away of what I need. Rick, your suggestion is almost exactly the way I made set of 'correct' circles on the right side of screenshot above with only difference I use big svg picture and then export it to png with downscale. Result of 2px circle after reducing looks great, see picture below. Current result is also acheevable with this method if I enlarge big circle on 1px at every side. Also I added 2colors versions that I get from smoothed with upcontrast it to 100 in paint.net. It's easy to see that for wrong smoothed variant it gives umbrella-looking circle. In my opinion this should be default result of 1px wide circle drawing. Also it may solve unsmoothed circles drawing problems descripted earlier on this forum: Dear Rick, is it possible to do add 0.5px subpixel correction when drawing such circles? It looks like it is the one of the weirdest part in whole paint.net for years...
  4. Hello everyone. I use paint.net for drawing png icons for my web project. Some of icons need 1-pixel width circles. It looks like paint.net algorithm is too smoothy for that. Is it possible to achieve right attachement picture result using paint.net?