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  1. Great, that's way faster ! Thanks !
  2. Hello, When I work on my games, I often want to see how a picture render in game (which means save it as a PNG) but I want to keep the layered information because it makes future modifications easier. Currently, what I do is : What I want to do : My dream would be that there is a shortcut to save directly as a copy and that you can parameter it to apply some post-processing (like scaling because I prefer working with big images). link to an older topic with the same request : Thanks, archip
  3. Well, I see your point.
  4. Hello, I've necroposted twice the last few days and apparently it's forbidden (I admit I never read the rules :s) and I honestly don't understand why it was wrong in my case. However I can state why it's wrong to create a new topic about the feature I requested : - Old topics will never get an answer and when people will search for the same feature on google they may only come across old topics without the answer - It dilute the information between multiple topics (some topics contains good tips in relation to the problem) - The problem was clearly explained in a old topic (and I can't be that clear because my english is bad) What do you think ? I'll open a new topic anyway cause I'm law abiding citizen
  5. I'd love to have this feature too. How is its development going ?
  6. Sorry to resurrect this but I also think it should be an option because it's very annoying to lose the selection when we clear it. Or maybe just have a filter that clear the selection.
  7. I have updated the plugin!
  8. Very fun plugin, I'm sure it will be useful
  9. For now, the effect is applied to the entire image, I'll change this when I find how. I'll also change the menu placement. If you have suggestion post them and I'll see what I can do.
  10. Thanks, I've updated the first post
  11. UPDATED 08-06-13 : Now effect is applied only to the selection. The plugin is now in the Object Menu. This plugin delete small island of pixel When I use the magic wand, some pixels aren't deleted. The plugin delete them if they are surrounded by transparent pixel. : It has two parameters : - radius threshold : Delete island up to this size. - alpha threshold : A pixel will be considered transparent up to this value. Original PDN 3.5.11 version: @toe_head2001 has recompiled this plugin to make it compatible with PDN 4.0+. Use this version in prefrence to the one above:
  12. Actually the program works well. The problem was that sometimes I launched the old version of the plugin... :S Thanks for your help, I'll make a release soon
  13. I've solved most of my problems and I've manage to do an UI but there is still a bug. The plugin works but when I launch it 3 or 4 times, it crashes. It looks like memory leak or something but I don't understand why since there is a garbage collector in C#. I've tried different thing but nothing work. Rectangle R; Surface SURF = null; List<Point> ToDelete = new List<Point>(); protected override void OnRender(Rectangle[] rois, int startIndex, int length) { Surface src = SrcArgs.Surface; R = SrcArgs.Surface.Bounds; SURF = new Surface(R.Size); SURF.CopySurface(SrcArgs.Surface); for (int y = R.Top; y < R.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = R.Left; x < R.Right; x++) { ToDelete.Clear(); if (testForDelete(x, y, 0, true, true, true, true)) { //If we need to delete the pixel SURF[x, y] = ColorBgra.Transparent; // we delete it foreach (Point p in ToDelete) //delete contiguous pixels { SURF[p.X, p.Y] = ColorBgra.Transparent; } } } } DstArgs.Surface.CopySurface(SURF); } //return true if the pixel has to be deleted bool testForDelete(int px, int py, int dist, bool h, bool b, bool g, bool d) { if (dist > propThresHoldSlider) return false; //too far from tested pixel if (px < R.Left || py < R.Top || px >= R.Right || py >= R.Bottom) return true; //out of screen if (SURF[px, py].A == 0) return true; // transparent bool ret = true; if (ret && h == true) ret = testForDelete(px, py - 1, dist + 1, true, false, g, d); if (ret && b == true) ret = testForDelete(px, py + 1, dist + 1, false, true, g, d); if (ret && g == true) ret = testForDelete(px - 1, py, dist + 1, h, b, true, false); if (ret && d == true) ret = testForDelete(px + 1, py, dist + 1, h, b, false, true); //if surrounded only by pixel that must be deleted and pixel that are transparent, return true. if (ret) ToDelete.Add(new Point(px, py)); return ret; } I've joined the full code. I hope you will help me solve my last problems straypixelremover.txt
  14. Yes, it's exactly the tools I want but it seems like avim hasn't developped the plugin. Also, I've found Ed Harvey's threshold effect but it isn't what I want.