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UI Issues: JPEG Options Window

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Hello, thanks you clicked a thread with such a stupid title.

Since I upgraded to 3.30 I have UI issues (see title). When I save a picture as JPEG, sometimes (!) there is a kind of "selection" (these "walking ants" but they don't "walk") and the slider is blue (color depends on your theme).

Half an hour ago, I saved three pics, each after restarting PDN, as JPEG. They were all 1280x800 in size and photos. The first one gave the glitch, the 2nd not, the 3rd again (glitch). I don't know if there's a kind of system, but it happens since the installation of 3.30. The glitch appears in my opnion rather than the correct looking.

I don't know if other languages are affected (I'm running German).

Here are pictures:


The above image was taken when saving the first of the mentioned pictures, the one below was taken saving the second one. The 3rd one gave - as described - the same result as #1.


I am sorry for the German text, but due to the unpredictable nature of the bug I have not made English ones.

I don't consider this as high-priority, but a fix would be nice. To make it clear, it never happened in an earlier version.

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The ants and blue color mean that the control is the one with "focus" meaning that you can manipulate it with your keyboard. Maybe you pressed Tab?

Nope. It doesn't happen just by accident - I would really often hit Tab without recognizing it. I check if this is limited to a certain language, but I'm very busy at the moment with other stuff.

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