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How do I straighten out a photo

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I need to slightly rotate an image, but only find 90,180 & 270 degree rotation functions. The zoom rotate command doesn't seem to have a way to strighten a photo that was taken crooked.

Can anyone tell me how to go about straightening a crooked photo ?

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Just select the whole image, then click and hold the right mouse button and drag the mouse around.

Then, crop the image to get rid of the white space around the edges from the rotation.

an alternative is to use the Rotate/Zoom tool. Press Ctrl-Shift-Z to open this.

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Or try this:

(make sure you're on the correct layer, if you try this first thing after opening the image, this is a moot point)

Go to the Layers menu, then Rotate / Zoom, and pick whatever degree you want to rotate in whatever direction. Play around in that dialog box, it's pretty cool!!!! You can drag the bold line in the circles right under "Roll / Rotate", drag the crossed arrows in the Pan, etc. ...And all with realtime preview in your image.

I like this whole dialog box/feature(s) better than in any other graphic app I've used.


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