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I Need Help With a Photo

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If anyone would be willing to do the work for me on this one, I would really appreciate it. I am terrible at this. If possible, I would like to have this photo done by tonight.

I have two photos. I would like to photoshop my dog into the picture of Andre Agassi, to make it look as though she is jumping for the ball in his hands.

Just send the photo to e-mail removed -- see below. Thanks!



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Hey Hershey21, welcome to the forums.

However, I need you to first read the rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446

See #23.

23) ADVERTISING and SOLICITING are strictly prohibited. This is NOT a place to find artists or developers, either for hire or for volunteer/free.
We're glad to help you to figure out how to do things, but please don't ask us to do it for you.

Thread Closed

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