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Mouse Macro request

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I've had a little look around for macro's (For mouse buttons') in the PDN search field. I didn't find any, so that's why I'm writing this...

Ok, what I would like is for buttons on a mouse (Say buttons 3,4,5 e.t.c) to be available to macro in PDN. For example, If I am drawing a picture with Airbrush or whatever, and I

OR, I could set a string of macro's to 1 key... So for example, flatten image, save image, undo (So it saves the file as XXX.png and gets you back to the place you were in before)

Now, you may say that you could just use M, or P, or Shift + Ctrl + Y + P, to do these tasks, but wouldn't it be a bit easier to push a unused button to do a task for me?

I would much appreciate it if this was taken up, as it would certainly speed up my PDN work :)

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