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Just a few suggestions

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First of all I really love using this program, and thank you for making it open source. I come from an AutoCAD background so maybe my suggestions are biased towards working in that environment, but here goes...

All the special effect commands should have a keyboard shortcut, or anything that can effect the drawing visually speaking should have a keyboard shortcut.

When the program is started the first tool that has been selected is the brush command, ideally it should be the rectangular select. The reason for this is that most users have a tendency to click first and ask questions later. And most users have a tendency to hit the escape key to cancel a command. When the brush is clicked the user has to perform a ctrl+Z to undo any marks they have made, whereas if they performed a selection all they would have to is hit Escape.

Well these are my suggestions, they were freely given so please fell free to ignore them. Have a nice day.

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Hey! I'm also an AutoCAD person! I know exactly what you mean. Every time I start PDN, I accidentally draw on the screen, then hit Escape only to find it doesn't fix the problem. Then, I hit Ctrl-Z.

Lol....I think you're right that the first tool selected when the program starts should be the select tool.

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I'm not an AutoCAD person.

But I do tend to accidently mark on the screen upon opening.

Actually, I've learned to avoid putting the curser over the work space-it's become an automatic reflex.

Otherwise, I just hit undo.

It's kind'a hard hitting ctrl+z being too lazy to put down my Wacom pen and all.

Every image edit involves a series of decisions which, with experience, become a subconscious checklist.

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