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less than 1 size for brush? (tablet)

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i guess this is both a question and an answer...

i'm using a tablet, and if i press just a little too hard, i get a giant blob instead of a line. why isn't a 1 "pixel" line one pixel at its thickest? it is 1 px (plus anti-aliasing space) when i use my mouse, but then there's no line variation at all!

its getting a bit annoying... i changed my tablet properties to "firmer" for P.net only, so it becomes thicker at a different curve...

can this be solved with a "custom brush" plugin, or am i stuck with learning how to hold my pen better?

(i guess I'm spoiled by Photoshop... GOTTA SAVE UP!)

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(i guess I'm spoiled by Photoshop... GOTTA SAVE UP!)

How can you be spoiled by photoshop if you can't afford it?

the trials, tutorials, and my school's copy that I've used. i can't afford to keep using it after the 30 days.

(back on topic)

i guess i could just use a higher resolution, but I'm inking over my scanned images. they're a set resolution already...

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