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Overlaying pics

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First post. Can someone give me a brief tutorial on overlaying images, please? I have a number of photos (let's say 4) that I want to overlay the corners of, so that I have a collage. Then I want the area surrounding the photos to be transparent so that I can use it on a web page and it will just appear as 4 photos overlaid in a stack. I need to move them around and arrange the layers so that I get the right ones on the top of the right other ones.

I've attached a schematic so you get the idea. I tried this in PDN by creating a big canvas and pasting the 4 images into it as new layers. I put them in the corners to start with. Then I selected around them and used move selected pixels to move them into the centre. However when I tried the fine positioning, and rearranging the layers in the stack, it got much harder. Changing the order of the layers caused other areas of the picture to be overlaid with white squares, and I gave up (I guess this was because I had moved the squares in from the corners, but couldn't work out what to do to avoid it). The fact that they are separate layers, I thought, should make it possible to just move them around without affecting the others, but it proved not to be so. In some ways it would have been easier using a traditional paint package and just trial and error to get the right layer order, but I'm interested in learning how to use layers so I can experiment and move things around. I'm obviously just not understanding properly how to do it.

I did try a search but didn't find anything relevant. Apologies if it's all been covered to death before and I missed it. A pointer will be fine, if that's all that's needed. Thanks.


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If there's any way for us to post a screenshot of what you're looking for we might be able to help more. :)

I thought I'd attached a diagram but it doesn't seem to be here. Not familiar with the workings of this forum so I probably forgot to check a box or something.

The first link looks like it contains the answer. I need to look for the zoom/rotate function instead of moving blocks of pixels around. I'll give it a go. Thanks.

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