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Printing images

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Hello. First of all, many thanks to the developers of Paint.Net, it's really a great program.

However, there is a feature I would appreciate very much: Currently there is no possibility of printing an image in its 'natural' size - the image always gets scaled to full page size. It would be very useful if one could print the image without scaling (size based only on image resolution) - an option for choosing image location on the page would be also very handy. Why I need that? Because I am printing scans of articles from newspaper, and I would like to have the same text size on the output page, no matter how small the article scan is.

Best regards


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Also, you might be able to use SearedIce's tutorial for this. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1122

Perhaps you could, but this is more useful:


See my post on that thread...

Basically, you can print any picture that is less than 8x10 to perfect size. What you have to do is open your picture and do all editing to it. Then, press Ctrl-Shift-R to resize the canvas. Resize the canvas to 8x10 inches. Then, print the image using the 8x10 mode... It should come out to be almost exactly the right size.

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