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thumbnails lined up how do you do that

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It's not something I've tried myself, but this will work: once you've entered your first string of tags, do not hit Enter for the next, just one space. As they are thumbnailed images they will just 'fit' on quite nicely. Hmm, that could be explained better.

yyy yyy yyy yyy

See how there is just one space between each image, but they're all still consecutive, one next to the other? As the thumbnails are small enough in size, they will sit happily next to each other. For a new row, start a new paragraph, like so:

yyy yyy yyy yyy

yyy yyy yyy yyy

I would have suggested you hit Quote on their posts, but as this is unfamiliar territory to you, seeing a mass of black text may be slightly daunting, hence colour.

Does this help you oma?

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