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Beginner at a loss....

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I've had this program for awhile but am just now getting to play with it some more... I USED to know how to do the bubble effect. I've long since forgotten and can't seem to find the tutorial I used for it. If some one could help me that would be great.

Another question I've been trying to find a thread on how to put two or more images together but I feel like I'm looking in the wrong place. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Mama J

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Here's the bubbles tutorial, found through search in the tutorials section.


As for putting two or more images together, we'd need to know if they were the same size, or cut-outs, or if you wanted to arrange them in a collage. There is a method for each of these situations, just need the added input from you.

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Per the rules (number six), all threads must have a descriptive thread title. I'm afraid I need to lock this. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in a new thread with a better title. :-) Thanks!

Thread Locked


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