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The Representation Contest 2 -Pyjo Wins!-

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Hello, and welcome to TRC2! Here are the rules;

1] Stick to the given theme as well as you can, please.

2] Only one entry.

3] Your entry may be any size you like, however do not take this to mean that you can make it something like 1600x1000.

4] Posts in this thread can be questions, but please try to stay on-topic. EDIT: Forget that; from now on, only entrys may be posted in this thread.

5] It must be 100% PDN, although you are allowed stock images.

This week's theme is evolution, chosen by aguba, and you have until the second of March to send in your entrys, and then the entrys will start. Not much else to say really, so get going!


Sorry about the prolonged wait, but I can now announce that the winner, with 3 votes, is pyjo!

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