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Hi. I'd just like to thank you for making this amazing piece of software. It's like photoshop, but it loads in 1 second instead of in 2 minutes and it really has nearly everything I want, and what it doesn't have people make up for with plugins. Neat 8)

I'm experiencing something funny here. Take this image.

http://www.ngst.nu/relief1.png (the background is transparent)

When I first tried the relief effect, it worked exactly like I wanted to. It created white and black borders on the sides of the text, as if the letters were 3d or something. Now, however, whenever I try it, I get a white background, which replaces the transparent one I had. Moreover, when I tried it last time, this is what happened (note that all I did was use the relief effect):


What's going on here? Why doesn't it work, and why do I get a background? Why do I get white borders, but no black ones? And where do the black and white boxes come from?

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