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  1. I did just that, and didn't find what I wanted. Segment seems to be pretty much it though. Counter can be used to make sure it really worked. Thanks! EDIT: No, Segment didn't quite do it. Darn.
  2. This is the only one I found. It's cool, but not what I was looking for. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=28893&hilit=kill+color Oh dear.
  3. Hello I'm looking for a plugin (or some other means) to reduce the number of colors in an image. I need the resulting image to have only 2, 3 or 4 colors, and I'd like to be able to pick these colors, and let the plugin test, for each pixel in the image, which of these colors it is most similar to, and then change it into this color. I know I've seen something that can do this before, but I can't find it.
  4. Heh. I thought I'd found a bug, at first, but then I realized I must have run it twice on the same layer. Would make for an awesome "Magic" 3D image. Anyway, thanks a lot!
  5. The links in that thread are dead. I'll try that Plugin, atwell. Thanks for the tip.
  6. You mean this one? http://www.dafont.com/fr/turtles.font Yeah, it's similar, but it's not the same... but that's not really what I wanted to know - how would you go about making text look like that on your own? Sure a good looking font would be nice to begin with, but what about the way it seems to be set around a circle? How'd you make the Indiana Jones-styled text in your sig, for example?
  7. Yeah, sorry, wrong url. Fixed now. Thanks for the quick reply though...
  8. I have a couple of questions about how to make this logo. First of all, how do you make a piece of text bend like that, so that it shapes itself like around a circle, as if you wanted to make a cd? Second, are there any good plugins for making textures on stuff, like, to create an illusion of depth or whatever? Third, how would you go about creating lighting effects? Like there was a light shining from, say, in this case, above? Fourth... how do you make something skew like the black text on the red does - horizontally stretching the top but not the bottom?
  9. The selective palette effect is exactly what I wanted and more. *Hugs*
  10. Any way to reduce the image to even fewer colors? Like 4? There was an effect called majority which can reduce an image to its primary colors, but there were too many of them. It would be nice with an effect that allowed you to choose the number of colors (maybe even which colors, especially if you only want very few colors like 2, 3 or 4) and a slider that adjusted the color tolerance level or something.
  11. Har har. Doing that would remove the white edges that the relief creates, and I still don't get the black edges.
  12. As you know, when selecting an area, there are two mouse cursors - one looks like a hand, and is used to stretch the selection. The other looks like the usual arrow cursor, but black, and is used to move the selection around. A selection smaller than 14x14 is not possible to move around, because you only get the hand, not the arrow, even if you hold the mouse at the absolute center of the selection, and even if you zoom in as far as possible. The reason for this seems to be that while holding the cursor over the selection, you get the hand cursor whenever you're within 7 pixels of the selection box strech nodes. The problem is, this is 7 pixels of the image, not 7 pixels on the monitor. So if the selection is 13x13, there is no pixel more than 7 pixels away from the edge of the selection, and the black arrow will not appear, so you can't move the selection, only stretch it. For whatever reason, a 14x14 box is possible to move, because the one pixel directly SW of the center of the selection (that is, 7 pixels up from the bottom and 7 pixels to the left of the right edge) yields a black arrow instead of a hand, and is the only pixel in the selection to do so. I hope that, in the next version, this will be fixed so that whether a black arrow or a hand appears depends on the cursor proximity to the center of the selection relative to the size of the selection, so that holding the cursor at the center of a selection will always yield the black arrow no matter how small the selection is. This could also make it easier to stretch a large selection, since you don't need to be within 7 pixels of the stretch nodes. Oddly enough, I've noticed that when you zoom out to less than 100%, the hand still appears within 7 monitor pixels of the stretch nodes, as opposed to when you zoom in, in which case the hand appears within 7 image pixels.
  13. Excellent! Precisely what I was looking for. The only downside is that you can't do filled shapes... but it's no problem, really.
  14. Well, the thread title says it all. I'd like more shapes. Right now you can only make rectangles (rounded or not) and ellipses (including circles and squares), as well as freeform shapes. I'd like to be able to make triangles, pentagons, hexagons, stars (with a variable number of points), hearts and other cool stuff. Considering the plugins I've seen already this shouldn't be too difficult to implement, I don't think, but someone needs to want to do it, or it won't happen. :wink: At least now the request is out... Oh, and if something like this already exists or if a similar request has already been made, please redirect me and lock this thread.