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Question about layers.

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Is there are way to reverse layers? (probably not saying it right)

This is what I am trying to do:

I have a map, that has multiple colors on it. What I want to do is separate each color, making each color it into a layer, so that I can alter each color as a group by adding a shadow or blur. How would I go about doing so?

Thanks in advance.

Keep up the good work guys. If I have asked a question that has already been asked, please forgive me.


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hmmmm, as far as i no thers not a great way to do this, your best bet would probably be to use the magic wand tool and click change it to global, this will make the magic wand select every pixel of the color you click on, for instance if you click on a red pixel on the map every red pixel will be high lighted, then click control x, this will cut out the selected pixels, create a new layer and paste it, do that for every color.



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You could duplicate the layer several times, then use the "Color Range to Alpha" plugin to take out everything but the color you wanted on each layer.


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It works well for grabbing up every pixel. The question I also should have asked is: How can I embellish the selection? Make it bigger? And even manipulate its Transparency?

Maybe there is a plug-in I need. I am still playing around to see what I can use. I have pretty much gone through every plug in I have installed... May be time to check out more. Any suggestions would be great.


EDIT: I forgot to say that I will also try separating and removing in each layer and see what I get. That may be the answer.

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