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black & whites pics from internet and gradiant/transparency

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I have gotten a couple images that are of older people and they are in black and white. I copied them from the internet and my question is How do I or Can I take those pictures and and use the gradiant tool to make them transparent? I have tired and it didn't work, not sure if I am doing something wrong!

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If I am interpreting your question correctly, you want to make an image kind of fade away to transparency, am I right?

If so, when you click the gradient tool, go to the bar up at the top, where you can select the gradient shape. Next to that is an icon that looks like this: :AllColorChannels: , click it to change it to transparency gradients, which looks like this: :AlphaChannel: . Using black as your primary color and white as your secondary, just click and drag to create transparency gradients.

Hope this helps.

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wow after reading this topic I just realized something that I have been complaining about to myself for a while....woooowwwww haha

Don't worry this is relevant to the topic.

My complaint was that I hated how when I used the circular or diamond gradient in particular with transparency, that there was a really high transparency right in the center that would erase that area when really what I wanted was just to "fade" away a certain area. After getting curious and doing a simple little experiment, I found that the gradient is adjusted by the alpha values of both the primary and secondary colors. Oh man, I am excited now for the fun I am going to have with this new realization.

Edit: p.s. (In case some of you needed to know.) What I did to test how it works was have one layer be solid white and then make a new layer above it filled with solid black, then I experimented with the gradients on the black layer by expanding it and leaving it there and then adjusted the alpha settings of the primary and secondary colors to see how it affected the layer's transparency.

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