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  1. wow I haven't been in the forums in a LONG time here's the tutorial on HDR in Paint.net: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/12198-hdr-image-blending-tone-mapping/
  2. Paint.net is not trying to do what other programs are already doing. Also keep in mind that this program is primarily developed by one guy (with the help of others contributing) while other programs are well-funded and developed by multiple teams of programmers and developers. Just keep that in mind.
  3. Also, just letting you know that I use Paint.net primarily for photo editing and have been a user for a good long while now. So if you have an questions, feel free to ask me even through a private message, though it'd probably be better to post a thread. I'll just start you off by advising you to look through the forums for a while and experiment with the tutorials that are here, practice your creativity and hone your skills. I think the best thing about this program is that it teaches you how to work in steps in order to achieve an effect.
  4. I used to use sepia but now I actually utilize a new method to create sepia toned photos, as it provides me with more creative control as to how it affects a photograph. Don't need a plugin here :-)
  5. I miss right-clicking with the selection tool to subtract. What's the reason for having "replace" mode assigned to both left and right click?
  6. what if you have something useful to add to the topic and instead of creating a new one, you just add to the old one? Sometimes I feel tempted to add some new ideas to old topics, especially when the old topics are used as references too.
  7. yeah the true blur is amazing and I use it constantly for all sorts of tasks. Does a great job really blending the color pixels together. Ed Harvey rocks.
  8. hey really appreciate the great feedback, didn't expect that so much haha yeah don't worry, I'll be putting more up real soon and making it look all presentable and convenient (I hate how long it must take for some of you to already load up this page). I even did a photoshoot just last week and I'm still editing the photos....
  9. OK I'm back to being a little more active on the forums. Here's a few things I've done using just Paint.net. You'll see that I use this program primarily to edit and retouch photographs. (Note: I'll update this gallery later with thumbnail previews instead of the actual images) The order of the post is going to be generally from my oldest to latest as you scroll down. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: ^she asked me to do that for her haha I've been very active with Paint.net for the past year I've had it, so there's a lot of stuff I have, but I'm just putting up a few for now. I'll be back to update this very soon.
  10. make sure you are using the selection tool if you want to isolate the blur effect to a certain area of the picture (like edges within a picture), otherwise the effect will apply to the whole layer you are working on.
  11. you know you can adjust the transparency of the clone stamp by adjusting it on the color wheel right? That's what I do, on a blank layer. I first anchor the tool on the bottom layer and then I make a new transparent layer and then apply the clone stamp to that layer. The reason for putting it on a new layer is that it provides more flexibility. Also i set the transparency between 36-78 depending on the size of the brush. I go more transparent as I get closer to the edge to provide the best and smoothest feathering on my own.
  12. Personally, I would love to have a good reference book for PDN on hand. It'd be handy to have and also I would like to learn more about how the program works in various chapters. I only know a bit about programming like in C++ but it'd be nice to get a full understanding of all the adjustments, blend modes and effects. Something that goes beyond a general description of what it does. For instance, recently I just got how levels and curves works and I've been using the program for almost a year now. It'd be nice to have a book that is a little more extensive and organized than the forums. I'd pay a good chunk of change for it. So Ash...get that pen moving buddy! :-P Also, it would be a fun project if we all worked together to contribute to a single published book, something for good reference use.
  13. just an update, I tried out the Erode/Dilate plugin effect and it works great. I'd have to tweak the photo to make it look more realistic as far as blending properly especially if I using just one photograph with the subject in it because the subjust spreads in the photo too, which ruins the depth-of-field effect. But this works excellent if taking a photograph of the subject and another of the background and applying the effect to the background and blending the subject smoothly into the background. But yeah, Erode/Dilate plugin looks pretty close to a "natural" bokeh.
  14. yeah the Color To Alpha is the best way to approach this for now. I got it close enough to the way I want it. It did a great job of removing the right amount of black in the image, now I just need to intensify parts of it that should be "glowing" white so it looks more like the Screen layer effect. Thanks. Big help.
  15. I'm trying to create a transparent image of my "Ruben" signature that leaves just the text and no background. I currently apply it to photos using the screen layer blend mode, which eliminates all the pure black in it, while keeping the white/gray parts bold and bright. I've tried removing the black using the alpha mask plugin but it leaves me with a very transparent text and even removes the lighter areas of the image. I just want to find some way to copy the effect that the Screen blend mode has on it when I apply it to another layer, so I can then save just the text and have a transparent background. Anybody know of any clever methods as to approach this?
  16. I was just thinking about it, since i don't have a dSLR camera to adjust aperture settings manually, how to create a convincing Bokeh effect. Does anybody have any ideas as far as various methods and plugins that would be great for creating realistic bokeh to a photo? I was even thinking about creating a "Bokeh" brush and use layer blend modes to apply the effect.
  17. yeah what I did was danced and twirled around (but in a manly fashion hahaha) with a flashlight and had the shutter open for 10-15 seconds, in the particular photograph I have up, I had it open for 10 seconds. The link above gave me some great ideas! Thanks!
  18. Lately I've been experimenting with some new stuff using my simple point&shoot digital camera and I was wondering if this type of picture has a name or genre of its own in particular so I can do a lookup because I don't really know how to describe it. also, how many of you out there use paint.net to edit photographs? I feel like I'm one of the very few (experienced users) that do, what with all the created designs I see constantly being uploaded. Thanks ahead of time.
  19. I tried doing a search and only found the watermark plugin thing I'm interested to know what is the best and simplest way to properly copyright an image, short of filing any form or signing documents and all that extra legal stuff I'm not familiar with, yet. I'm not sure if it has to be something like "© [year] [your full name]" or "Copyright [year] [username]" or if a simple image could work, but a trademark has to be copyrighted, correct? see where I get confused and a bit lost. Can anyone help clarify a little bit for me please? thank you. :-)
  20. being a being fan of linkin park myself, it's sweet, but I think it could have a little more "oomph" know what I mean? hehe I'm ridiculous sometimes 7/10 for me Edit: @usedhonda: you sig has changed three times since I was typing this reply down haha, but I was referring to your red linkin park sig.
  21. Paint.Net - So easy, a 13-year-old n00b can do it hehehe
  22. just made a new signature felt like something simple, sophisticated and flashy hehe my first shot at animation too
  23. the tree was hard for me to get creative with without doing something ridiculous and unimpressive. *sigh* just wait till there's a human portrait.... :-D
  24. PLEASE make a tut for this!!!! DUDE ITS AWESOME AND IM A DUMBASS! perfect formula for a tut? xD I will if more people request it
  25. yeah the crappiness of quality is due to the fact that I was still experimenting, but I still like to share with you my progress. thanks for those who liked my last post previous to this, didn't expect it. :-) this picture was done using three photos I took, and yeah that's me. whoop whoop. haha I started out thinking of some idea for an animated GIF avatar on my DeviantArt account and I got this (so far, I've had sooo many ideas with just the three photos), also still using some of the same techniques as I did by the last picture I posted up before. Thanks again all.
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