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Questions about textures and effects

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1)How would you make a pool table fabric?

2) How would you get a glossy look, like on shiney plastic or glazed wood?

3) How would you be able to get an effect of chalky lines, and when chalk is erased on a chalk board?

4) How can I make metal shiney like chorme, i know it uses curves, but i do not know how.

Also How would i make like shiney metal, but not quite as shiney as chrome.

Thank you, also I am sorry about my spelling. And if you have troble reading my questions, i will re-phrase them.

Also I am new to these boards, and do not quite know your standards of posting.

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What you need to do is go through the tutorials section and find some tutorials for what you need to do. Even if you can't find a tutorial that does exactly what you want, you can almost always find one that you can adapt a little bit it get the result you're looking for.

Here are some tutorials that you might be interested in:

This one will show you how to make a glossy surface

various chrome tutorials

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Try this,

Dark green canvas

Add noise, intensity 35 (or wat ever looks best smaller numbers will be a finer surface), color saturation 0

Then frosted glass, Max scatter radius 101, Min 57, smoothness 2.

This might not be exactly wat you want but adjust the setting of the effects ull get it.

Final product


Good luck!


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