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I have a problem when I'm saving my images, can anyone help?


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I save my images on paint.net after I've edited them. Then when I open my image viewer (when I don't have paint.net open) I see the thumbnails and it's not showing the pictures as I've edited them. What I mean is this:

I use Ulead photo explorer to open and view my images. I've put several images in black and white, or sepia, and when I see the thumbnails of the edited images it doesn't show them as black and white or sepia, it's only when I open the images that I can see them as black and white or sepia (or any change). Why is that? Can anyone help me to change that (if it's possible)?

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According to the Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5 user manual (PDF available on their site here, with pertinent information found on page 19), Ulead employs thumbnail caching to speed up the browsing process - instead of having to read and shrink every image down to thumbnail size each time you browse a folder, they make the thumbnail once and store it in a temporary area, then load the smaller image the next time you browse that folder to speed things up. However, since it's loading the previously saved thumbnail instead of the image itself, there can be a latency period after an edit in an external program (such as Paint.NET) before the viewer checks for modifications to the file, during which time the browser uses the saved thumbnail of the old image.

To fix this, select View -> Refresh (or strike F5) in the browser to force it to check for image modifications and recreate any necessary thumbnails. According to the manual, you can also disable thumbnail caching (at the cost of some speed) if constant refreshing becomes a problem.

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