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Joining two pictures

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Alrite everyone!

i jst recently got paint.net and started using it, but i came across a poblem that i dont know how to overcome.

I have created two images sepratly, but i want to cut a piece out ov one, and put it ontop of the other one, so it comes through. Like if u cut a hole in a piece of card and put an image behind it so it shows through. However when i try this i get the background cutting out the image.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Thanks remboi

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Try alt-f4, no just kidding, this has been covered all over the place but what it boils down to is select the picture you want to insert copy it, paste into the other picture as a new layer. Any transparencies in the top layer will allow you to see the layers under it. Try reading through the forums and the help files next time though.

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