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Effects crash v 3.20, no recovery, no option to re-start

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Release notes:

If an effect plugin crashes, it is much more likely that Paint.NET will be able to recover from the error.

* The option to restart Paint.NET will then be provided as a recommended course of action.

I've locked paint.net twice in 20 minutes forcing a three-fingered salute, none of these recovery options ever actaully happened.

Pity, cos Paint.net has never locked up on me before :!:

:cry:Me so sad :cry:

Looking forward to v 3.21 :mrgreen:


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Details! :P

1: What effect were you using at the time?

2: How large was the image / selection to which you were applying the effect?

3: What's your system running? (OS, RAM, et cetera)

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I've had that same problem with the new Paint.NET. Every time the program freezes it seems to be from using the 3d plugin, I have even deleted everything and reinstalled it again. I tried using this plugin with just a blank white image and it still freezes immediately with no option but to use ALT+CTRL+DELETE.

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