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A bit of Help

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Ok, im new to the fourms, but ive been using paint.net for a bit,

Im working on making Div Layouts for myspace, websites, n such.

I can get the effects down, but on the whole screen,

it seems i can't figure out a way to make the into broken boarders.




*from socwall.com

I have a similar image, with multiple layers for each specific effect, which give it a nice over all look.

but imagine that image but with out the black surrounding the borders.

ive tried just using the gradient, but it comes out circle-ish, so u blur and sharpen it,

thinking i have taken the wrong process to make it, ive tried by making the center part sepreate from the black borders.

but i cannot find away to cut off the effect (such a clouds) in a random manner. :?

but for short, ive tried to the best of my abilities, and cannot figure out how to create imiages similar to above.

some help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Maximus, please make sure to read the rules before posting, especially the one regarding acceptable thread titles. "A big of Help" is very generic and non-descriptive. Thanks.

Thread Closed

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