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problem with new update PAINT.NET wont work at all now.

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Ok so the update to 3.20 form the version before seems to have stopped paint.net working at all.

I have been using paint.ent for a while now and is my fav image program but today when i went on it it asked for an update so i said yes,

Then after a bit of instaling this came up.



and i have no idea where that file is, i searched my computer and then internet and cant find it.

and now paint.net won't start or uninstall or anything whatever i do liek reinstalling uninstalling downdating with an older version the same thing happens.

I would really like some help as this is my fav image program and without it im a bit lost. I looked around this forum too but i dont really know much about registry or anything. All i know is im running sp2 on xp

Thanks for any help.

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Did you move Paint.NET after you installed it? Or is it still in C:/Program Files/Paint.NET ? This problem quite often occurs when someone changes where they want their "Program Files" to be, after they've installed Paint.NET.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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i have followed that and i have updated all my framework things, i updated it all today.

But still i can't get it to work, i have even tried system restores to go back to before the PDN update but it wont let me.

I also tried this from the guide you suggested at viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854

John, I finally found the utility I was looking for: http://support.microsoft.com/default.as ... -us;290301

It's called the Windows Installer CleanUp utility. What you want to do is install it, and then run the program from the Start menu. Select the item in the list that says "(All Users) Paint.NET ..." (the ... will be whatever version you're trying to, erm, eradicate). BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS UTILITY -- make sure to only select Paint.NET!. Once you have selected it, click Remove. Once finished with the utility, manually delete the directory that Paint.NET was installed to.

Next, you should be able to install the new version of Paint.NET just fine.

As for an explanation ... installation and setup is a rather complicated process for any application that requires more than just "xcopy deployment." Windows Installer (MSI files) is a technology that is used to standardize the way in which this stuff is done. Sometimes system settings or configuration gets changed and the MSI needs to ensure that things are in a state that it is comfortable with. This requires access to the original installation files.

Now, for v2.5, I have implemented a system that always keeps a copy of the original installation files (you'll see those "Staging" files with the random numbers on them). This should eliminate this type of problem going forward, but as you can see it can still be a problem for people upgrading from older versions.

Anyway tell me if that utility works for you.

But all this seems to have done is remove it from my 'add or remove programs' and now have deleted the Paint.NET folder from 'program files' so now i am not even getting the error but the computer saying the paint.net.exe can't be found. And also when i try to install the program again i get an error saying something along the lines of, 'This porgram alreayd has parts installed'
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