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Photo Button Artwork

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Is Paint.net the software I need to make Badge-A-Minit artwork for Photo Buttons? I have stumbled around with Paint.net just a tad. The artwork is three concentric circles with the photo in the center circle with four per 8.5X11 page. Text will be wrapped around the photo image.

My 50th high school reunion is next September and I plan to buy the button machine and make 172 photo buttons. One of the commercial button makers requested the artwork in Adobe Illustrator 9. I need to resolve the artwork hurdle before I buy the machine.

If not Paint.net what?

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Illustrator works with vector images, not photos (unless you vectorize the images).

The benefit of vector formats is that they are scalable (you can increase the size without losing quality). Paint.NET does not support any of that functionality.

Anyway, if they are looking for vector images, my guess is they just need really high resolution pictures.


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