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how do you upload pics for your tutorials or sigs?

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Do you mean just uploading images?

You must go to an online image hosting website.

I recommend getting an account on Photobucket.com. Getting an account is free and Photobucket works great.

Once you get and account. You will see a button that says "Browse."

A small window will pop up. Look for the folder that contains the image you're looking for and then click "Open" on the window. You will be back at Photobucket. Click the "Upload" button.

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You'll need both the tutorial in my signature (go on, I dare you to guess which one ;)) and this small amount of code:

Direct URL (see the tutorial)

The closing tag must include the backslash (/) to denote the end of the command, and remember the correct tags...

... - images;

... - URLs;

- quotes.

In fact, all this can be found by hovering your cursor over the relevant button above where you write your post.

If you wish for a clickable thumbnail of your image (as in a smaller version which when clicked will send you to the full size version), then follow this:


The post you are looking for is the one by forum memeber jpope.

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