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My effects are gone?


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I have read threw the rules, and searched posts for this answer, I did find in one posting, to go and right click on the effect, to make sure that it is unblocked. I went threw and unblocked all that where blocked. But my problem is still there, no effects. I have just about all of them, and in the effects folder it shows them there, however in the program there not.

I encountered this problem when I downloaded a newer plug-in that I didn't have. The dil was to be put into the file types, Im not sure of the name, after seeing that all my effects where then gone, I removed that dil from the file types, and still didn't fix the problem. Could anyone help me fix this?

Thank you in advance.

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If this happens again (and to anyone else who happens to find this thread who has the same problem), make sure that you DO NOT have a copy of PaintDotNet.Effects.dll in the Effects folder. The ONLY copy of that file should be in the main Paint.NET folder; having a copy in the Effects folder will prevent all of your plugins from loading.


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