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Multiple Layer Selection

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I'm new to Paint.Net program so I don't know much about it. My question is is there a way to select multiple layers?

My reason is sometimes I work on a picture in multiple layers and then later realize that the image should be over a few inches. Well, the only way to move it is to compress all the layers into one and then move it that way. In other programs (like photoshop and opencanvas), I believe they have the ability to select layers so that you can move the whole image without having to compress your layers.

If it is possible to do this, can someone tell me how. If it's not possible yet, I would suggest this addition cause it would make adjusting things easier in my opinion.

If this issue has been asked before, I apologize. I didn't see it when I went looking through the forums.

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Bad News: As far as I know, you cannot select multiple frames.

Good News: No need to worry. Your problem, if I understand correctly, has two relatively easy solutions depending on the sort of, er, moving, you like to do; however, neither option allows you to move multiple layers in a single step.

Thanks to Madjik's overwhelmingly useful Panelling plugin, you can select a layer and move an object horizontally or vertically with perfect precision. Then select your other layer, and simply repeat (control + F). The object in your second layer will transport itself in the exact manner that the object in your first layer did.

If you like a more fluid motion, just head over to the Layers section of the menu and select Rotate / Zoom (Control + Shift + z). You can relocate the plane of your first layer along the x/y coordinates, add a bit of depth with the z - coordinate dial, or increase/decrease the size of your layer. When you are happy with your newly positioned layer, select the second layer and once again head to Rotate / Zoom (or, once again, use Control + Shift + z). Without needing to fiddle with any of the coordinates, Rotate / Zoom will recreate the exact re-positioning you just designed (though you will of course be given the option to make any changes you wish).

Hope this helps.


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Couldn't have said it better myself.^

I think selecting multiple layers would be useful, however would take up a lot of memory when using effects and such. Some effects/adjustments/etc take long enough as it is, trying it on 5+ layers simultaneously would be even slower. The idea is good, but I don't think it would turn out well in the long run. Though, I could be wrong.

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