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not so pixaly

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hello, i was wondering something.how do u make things like less pixaly buecause whenever i cut something out or like use ecliple and glow it looks pixely around the edges and ive tried anti alisign and im either not sure how it works or something and also ive tried like glow and things around the boreder so thats my question


HAHA...im an agent :D and ur not

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:AntiAliasingOn: - your edges will be anti-aliased meaning it will have a smoother appearance.

:AntiAliasingOff: - this mode on the other hand will draw the lines aliased and so appear more pixelated.

This can be used with the Paintbrush, Shapes, Text and the Line / Curve tools. If you're wanting to cut out images with a less pixelated edge and remove the need to utilise either of the plugins mentioned by CommanderSozo, then try the technique of Alpha Masking as this will produce a more professional and clean cut to your image.

To be perfectly honest with you, I rarely feel the need to use either the Feather or the Anti-Alias plugins to smooth out my edges as both the initial anti-aliasing of the line and Alpha Masking have proved more than necessary for my requirements.

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