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Plugin Request: Applying Textures

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I have no programming experience and this is just simply an idea (or request) for somebody to create a plugin for applying textures to images. I went through all of the plugins in this forum and found nothing quite like it.

This would be similar in idea to The GIMP's GIMPressionist plugin.



You can apply textures easily to images such as: Canvas, crosshatch, embroidery, feathers, marble, stone, weaves, fabric, etc.

I have recently switched over from many years with GIMP. I am very impressed with Paint.NET and have been able to accomplish everything with Paint.NET that I used to do with GIMP, with the exception of these textures. It really is such an amazing plugin and is incredibly useful.

So I am just throwing this idea out there. If somebody wants to go with this idea, that would be wonderful.



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This is quite interesting. Though some textures can be achieved with distortion effects, I think this would be a great plugin.

Meanwhile, you could try the various fill effects with the paint bucket, then change the transparency on that layer. It probably won't come close to what you're suggesting, though.

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