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Can't move selected objects of size 13x13pix

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I've selected an area of 13x13 pixels in size. But when i try to move it elsewhere i can't because the move hand will always got cought on one of the edge selection squares. It will just stretch or shrink but not move.

I belive it's even worse for elements smaller than 13x13 but i can't say for sure at which bigger size this behavior dissapears...

I think float tolerance on selection tool edge selection squares for such small elements should be decreased since you have to zoom anyway in order to manipulate them properly. Or if you know any better workaround ;)

If you don't know what i mean let me know and i'll try to show in picture...

I'm using Paint.NET 2.6 Beta 1.

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Here's a key insight to moving small selections: "moving" doesn't require the mouse to be inside the selection, only that it not be on top of resizing nubs. So you can drag anywhere to move it around, really.

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