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help for changing color bit :)

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Paint.Net is an 8 bit per pixel program. Each pixel has a Red value, a Green value, a Blue value & an Alpha value.


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And, by "8 bit", Matt, I'm sure you mean 32 bit. ;)

Everything Paint.NET does is in 32 bit. Currently, the only way to convert your picture to 8 bit is to save it in GIF format.

If you want to save it in 24 bit, just select BMP format.

Rick has said that 8 bit BMP format is coming.

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i need to change the color bit

Okay...that I understand...you need to change the bits-per-pixel in an image.

to 8-bit 32-bit all that.

BZZZZT...parser error...unable to comprehend...

Best guess here is that you want to take an 8-bit-per-pixel image (maybe a GIF or BMP) and convert it to a 32-bit-per-pixel image (perhaps a PNG).

is there ani way to put it like that?

Assuming I guessed correctly, sure. There is definitely a way to do that. Just open the image and save it as a PNG.

first i need to make it transparent.

Need a bit of clarity...make part of it fully transparent? Make all of it a little bit transparent? What are we talking about? Maybe if you tell us what you're planning on doing with the image, we could give you some direction.

and then change the color.

Okay. Again, not quite sure what you're asking for. What do you want to change the color of? Do you need to tint the entire picture? Do you want to replace some particular color with another color? Do you want to make the picture brighter or crisper-looking or something? We need a hint.

but i cant find ani

Not sure who ani is, but, I'll take your word for it...unless you meant the animated cursor plugin (makes .ANI files).

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