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Feature/extension request: .sol extension

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Since my old tread was closed i hope this not gets closed.

Hi! 1st I need a plugin that allows me to open .sol files and edit them. The second request is a plugin that can turn a picture into small green lines in a customizable width. Can I get this?

Drakaan asked:

2 questions to you, then.

1. What are .sol files?

2. Can you post a picture of what you mean by "turn a picture into small green lines"?


.sol files are the savefile from the game line rider. I thought it would be cool if I can put real pictures in the track without sitting there and drawing everything by hand witch I am very bad on.



To something like this (I draw this by hand):


I actually cheated on this images but it isn't easy as so in line rider.

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Well... SOL files are vector/xml/flash files, and Paint.NET is a raster image editing program, and from what I'm guessing, the contents of a Line Rider sol are vectors and some xml code.

What I suggest you do is download this. From there, open a Line Rider .sol from:

C:\Documents and Settings\**user**\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\**weird folder name**\www.official-linerider.com\ (or localhoast if you downloaded Line Rider to your computer).

I'm guessing you already knew the SOL's location, but I just wanted to make sure. Once opened, look for a vector image. Take note of the vector's extension:

If it's an SVG, then you are really lucky. Download and install Inkscape. Once installed, create a new document, go to File> Import, and import the picture of your traced image. From there, you'll need to erm, trace your traced image with the Bezier tool. Once traced, save it as an SVG and find a way to place it in the SOL (I haven't tried the sol editor myself, so you'll need to figure that out for yourself).

However, if it's an EPS, then you'll have to do a little more digging. I have never used that file format, so hop on Google and find a way to edit them for free (maybe convert SVG to EPS).

EDIT: If it's a PDF, then just use Inkscape to trace, then save it in PDF format.

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If Inkscape opens it, via the File > Open command, then it won't be Paint.NET job to do so.

Inkscape and Paint.NET are two different animals.

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