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Where do icon files go?

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Newbie question. I recently downloaded Ed Harvey's cool effects, and they came with a set

of icons in a separate zip/separate directory. I've tried extracting them just about everywhere

in the \Program Files\Paint.NET tree but can never see them. Where should icon files go?

Thanks for any help,

David Banard

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There are icons in the .zip? Very cool, must check that out.

Unfortunately, simply extracting icons into any of the Paint.NET system folders won't allow their use as the menu icons are programmed into the plugins themselves :(.

Sorry, you'll just have to wait for Ed to code them in or for him to release the source code and have someone else, or yourself, do it. However I don't see Ed releasing the source anytime soon.

Perhaps if you any other queries pertaining to his packages you could post it in that topic so you can be quickly/better answered ;).

Hope this helped.

EDIT: are you referring to the .zip provided by Andrew D in the topic? If so, everything above still stands.

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