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Hello! I was wondering...

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Hi everyone.

I haven't been here in a long time. My have things changed. lol

Anyway! I hope everyone had a great summer! Schools starting and I'm busy as ever. :shock:

I have been creating a movie (quite long, about 1 hour at the moment) and I watched another movie on Youtube and well I was wondering:

At the beginning there are these credit things like...Columibia Tri-star, you know the company that made and distrubuted the movie. Well I want to make it as real as possible and how would I animate something like that?

I've got some cool ideas but I don't know how to do them. :)

Im trying to do this:

I will have music in the background and you will see video clips and pics as you rotate through them...then they will all form a word and then after a few seconds a bright flash of light will happen and the movie will start.

Anyone able to help me here? :P :?: :?:


vaderrunner 8)

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