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Picture cleanup walkthrough


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Hello I am new to paint.net. Could someone please walk me through how to clean up some photos that I have.

I have some photos taken on a film camera that are very special to me, unfortunately they are not the best photos and most of them have to be cropped and tidied up.

I have scanned them into my computer. And saved them as really large jpeg files. As I thought that if I saved them with with lots of pixels that when it came time to crop them i would have more to work with. (not sure if this is a good idea or not)

But here is the first one I have cropped. Any help much appreciated thanks.

http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa13 ... ropped.jpg

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Adjustments > Auto-level does wonders for that picture.

I did the auto-level, then did the Sharpen effect (amount 5) and the Surface Blur effect (radius 5, threshold 10). Then I shrunk the picture down to 50% and got this:6141_419534a2fcef3de451b51d9c42ca3e5e

Edit: Surface Blur can be found as part of Ed Harvey Effects. Please see the plugin forum for instructions on installing plugins.

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