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Can you help me with save and merge layers

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You need to edit the title to something more descriptive, and you might want to visit the rules.

For the layers issue, you need to flatten the image before you save it. That would be the Image menu, and select "Flatten" (or CTRL+Shift+F at the same time). What is happening is that your image is being saved as a Paint.NET file instead of something else. When you save the file after flattening, you can then choose the file format to use (JPG, GIF, PNG, or whatever you prefer).

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It is best to save two copies of any file that you wish to edit again in the future... one copy in PDN format and one copy for distribution (JPG, PNG, or GIF format).

In order to save in the various formats, choose the File > Save As... menu option. You will then see a dropdown list of file formats below the file name box. Simply choose the desired format from the list before clicking the save button.

More information here:


Oh, and saving a PDN format file first will preserve the layer information so that you can edit the original later.

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